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The History of the Name Invicta.

Invicta has been a motto for centuries. Roma Invicta is a Latin phrase, meaning "Unconquered Rome", inscribed on the Statue of Rome. It was an inspirational motto used until the Fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD. This symbolic statement was later printed on to gold coins, to help boost the morale of the failing Empire.

For Kent, It dates back to the invasion of England by William The Conqueror. As the official motto, it appears on the coat of arms of Kent County Council.  Legend has it that, while marching from the battle site at Hastings, William marched on to London on his way to the (then) capital Winchester. While passing through Kent, the local people picked up branches and marched at William's men. Scared, William and his army took flight and took a different route to London. As the people of Kent felt that they had chased William away, they adopted "Invicta" as a county motto.

Its origin has also been said to have been because Dover was not besieged or defeated on William's march through Kent, but instead agreed to a conditional surrender to him, on its own terms, and was therefore not conquered by him. Holding of land in Kent by gravelkind, rather than the feudal-Norman laws of primogeniture, lasted until the early 20th century suggesting that the people of the county did indeed acquire some concessions from the Conqueror. 

The figure of the prancing (or rampant in heraldry) white horse can also be referred to as Invicta, which is the motto of Kent.


Invicta Projects.


Invicta Projects is home at 41 Harlin Road, Coalfalls, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.  The grand Ipswich colonial home has been named 'Invicta' dating back to pre 1900's. The house door knock has horse head features.  So it was an easy decision to name a new projects business 'Invicta' in keeping with the tradition and personal roots of the original house name. 
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